What I bring to the table

Fullstack approach

I have a wide base of knowledge and am always interested in learning new ways of doing things. I do my research and implement the right technologies for a given project. I'm a versatile programmer capable of work in frontend, backend, and everything in between.

Excellent communication

I speak English and French fluently, and am proficient in Japanese. I am currently learning Mandarin and Spanish with no plans to stop there. I believe that knowing additional languages is valuable both in and out of the workplace.

Global perspective

I prioritize open-mindedness and respect for all cultures. I love to travel and would love for my career to take me abroad. I am passionate about language acquisition because it allows me to interact with people from all around the world and to broaden my horizons.

3D development experience

From a young age, my love for video games led me to pursue this career path. I think that video games, VR, and AR will continue to play an important part in the future of tech. I enjoy working with these 3D mediums and have experience using Unity, Unreal Engine, and implementing the WebXR API.

My Projects

WebXR Proof of Concept

Prototype AR experience that I developed for Miralupa Inc as a solo developer. It can be run on a WebXR-enabled device such as an Android phone. A solution targeting the iOS platform is in the works.

Turn-based Strategy Template

I wrote this modular strategy game while following a course from experienced developer and instructor Hugo Cardoso (CodeMonkey). The game implements robust game programming patterns.

Disturbance in the Woods

In this 2D platformer, teleport between dimensions to reach the end of the forest and investigate the disturbance. I worked on this game demo as a submission for the GameDev.tv Game Jam 2023.

D&D Database

This SQL database with a user interface contains creature, spell, and weapon data from many official sources. *This is purely for educational purposes. WoTC owns the rights to the data.

MovieGuide - Movie Recommendation App

This Android app was written in Java with an HSQLDB backend. The features include account creation and login, searching the movie library, and taking a fun quiz.

Paper on Machine Learning

This document describes some techniques that are at the foundation of machine learning. I wanted to give it as professional a look as possible, so I used extensive LaTeX to display the mathematical notation.

Download my CV

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any business inquiries or otherwise at the following:

Cell #: +1-431-557-3151

Email: nathangagne.dev@gmail.com